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There are only about seven guys left on Vox, so being the most popular isn't that much of a feat.  Still, I appreciate that you included me in your list of recommended Voxers.  Thanks and best of luck with your new site! 

Workaholic Hostess

Oh man, you're leaving! I feel like everybody's leaving.

Good luck with your new direction v(^_^)v stay in touch!

Hangaku Gozen

Waaah! We'll miss you here! But I'll make sure I'll follow you at your new website, provided you occasionally cover samurai/swordfighting games as well. :D


Thank you!  I really appreciate it!


Definitely!  If I ever make it to Japan again, I'll be sure to send a hello!


Samurai and Sword Fighting games huh?  I'll be on the lookout just for you! :)
Take care of yourself!

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